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Why Many Business Executives are Switching to Chartered Flights (And Why You Should Too!)

Executives all over the world continue to decide they no longer want to be hostages of the airline industry

Some executives are tired of selecting from a list of inconveniently scheduled flights. Others realize their time is too valuable to sacrifice two days of productivity every time they have to travel. Others want to impress high-end clientele and potential business partners with incomparable transportation accommodations.

The reasons are varied, but the solution is simple. If you want convenience, sustained productivity, and transportation that will impress your important guests and clients, drop airlines and switch to chartered flights.

Choose Customization and Convenience

How many hours do you dedicate a year to finding a flight that loosely fits your and your colleagues' schedules? Have you ever looked at endless lists of flights and realized that none of them allows you to both attend your morning meeting at one branch and make it to your dinner meeting with a client two provinces away?

Choose Your Own Schedule

Chartered flights have only one schedule they adhere to - yours. With a chartered flight, you choose the departure times. How many hours of your life have you spent in line in an airport? From checking in to security examinations, you spend a lot of time waiting. When you choose a chartered flight, you choose individual attention and a speedy pre-flight process. After all, the only people you have to wait on are the passengers you invited.

Save Your Luggage

Has an airline ever lost your luggage? When you choose a chartered flight, your luggage flies on the same airplane as you every time. You do not have to worry about your suitcase getting lost when you board a connecting flight.

Visit Multiple Destinations a Day

Booking multiple flights for one day can be difficult through airlines, especially when you factor in going through the hassle of checking in and security checks. With such a limited selection of flights, it can seem impossible to make it to multiple meetings in different states.

With chartered flights, you can schedule multiple destinations throughout the day. You can work with individual companies to ensure you have enough time to get from destination to destination.

Enjoy Closer Airports

Have you ever scheduled a flight that arrived several hours away from your final destination simply because none of the airlines used closer airports? The airlines might fly to 200-300 different airports. Chartered flights have access to several thousand. When you schedule a privately chartered flight, not only do you select the schedule, but you select the exact destination as well. You can often significantly cut down ground travel time when you choose a private flight.

Don't Sacrifice Productivity

The time you save by setting your schedule alone allows for greater productivity, but the benefits do not end there.

Even if the lines at the airport did not exist, your productivity would still come to a screeching halt when surrounded by 200 other passengers. If your flight includes a baby, screeching, in fact, might be the operative word. It can be impossible to focus on the work you need to accomplish while a crying baby unknowingly works with a nearby child kicking your seat to make your flight almost unbearable.

Enjoy Privacy

Chartered flights offer unparalleled privacy. Whether you conduct a meeting that contains classified information or simply work on your laptop uninterrupted, you do not have to sacrifice valuable time while travelling.

Imagine how much you could get done if you could hold important business meetings with your colleagues while travelling. On your way to an important presentation? Get one last practice run done in the air. Need to change a presentation based on new information you received in your morning meeting? Get it done en route without the distractions you usually experience on the airlines. Because you are in control of the passenger list, you determine who is flying with you and how much room is available on the flight.

Impress Your Guests

When you want to win over an important client or impress a potential job candidate or investor, you do not want to leave anything to chance. Flights get delayed and traffic is unpredictable. Privately chartered flights put the control in your hands.

Impress your honored guest by providing them with the efficiency, convenience, and style that accompanies chartered flights.

Your guests will enjoy all of the aforementioned benefits when you choose to send a private plane to bring them to a meeting. When first impressions count, chartered flights are the way to go.

For the frequent business traveler, the answer is clear. Chartered flights give you weeks of your life back and allow you to be productive on the go. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of flying in style.


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