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Direct Flights


Private Plane Charter and Direct Flights from Edmonton and Calgary and throughout Western & Northern Canada

Are you tired of dealing with layovers? Do you detest running from terminal to terminal to catch a connecting flight? When you choose a direct private plane charter from Edmonton with Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd., these hassles disappear. For over three decades, we have been a reliable charter service provider. When flying with Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd., you need not worry about safety and convenience. 


Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. offers direct flights from our private facility at the Edmonton International Airport. We are conveniently located adjacent to Highway 2, linking Edmonton and Calgary, with quick and easy access to the Trans-Canada Highway connecting Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

Direct Flights from Edmonton on Safe, Comfortable Charters

Our fleet of charter aircraft is equipped to take you directly to some of the most remote locations in Canada. We fly twin-engine, all-weather aircraft to safely and reliably carry our passengers to their destinations.


Direct flights from Edmonton are the perfect solution for hunting or fishing trips, business getaways, or any other reason for which you need to transport a group of people quickly and safely to a destination that may not be accessible through typical commercial flights.

Our Aircrafts

All of our aircraft provide optimum comfort and privacy whether you’re flying for business or pleasure and are fully equipped to handle a variety of cargo.


Our fleet includes:

  • Beechcraft King Air 100s: The well-appointed King Air is a popular choice for business executives and government officials needing direct flights from Edmonton or Calgary and seats up to nine people. Its turbine engines and pressurized cabin allow it to fly above turbulent weather for a comfortable flight.
  • Beechcraft 1900Ds: Whether you want a comfortable flight with a stand-up cabin or need to transport heavy cargo, the 1900D can get the job done. It seats up to 19 people and travels above the clouds at 300 mph.
  • Super King Air 350: One of the most desired Aircraft for executive travelling, the King Air 350 has an interior that seats up to nine passengers. This is the fastest aircraft in our fleet, which combines comfort with speed for those travelling any distance in Canada.

The Advantages of Private Plane Charters in Edmonton

Choosing a private plane charter in Edmonton offers numerous advantages for travellers seeking convenience, comfort, and efficiency. Here are some key benefits of opting for private charters with Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd.:

  • Direct routes: Private plane charters allow you to reach your destination without the hassle of layovers and multiple connecting flights. Enjoy the convenience of direct routes to your desired location, saving you valuable time and reducing travel fatigue.

  • Flexible scheduling: Private charters operate on your schedule,. Whether planning a business trip, leisure getaway, or family vacation, you can choose departure and arrival times that suit your needs.

  • Privacy and comfort: Enjoy the privacy and comfort of your charter aircraft. You won't have to share the cabin with strangers, allowing for confidential conversations, relaxation, and personalized service throughout your journey.

  • Access to remote locations: Private charters provide access to remote and off-the-beaten-path destinations that commercial airlines may not easily reach. Whether it's a hunting expedition, a corporate retreat, or an exploration adventure, private charters can get you closer to your destination.

  • All-weather reliability: Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd.’s twin-engine, all-weather aircraft fleet ensures safe and reliable travel even in adverse weather conditions. You can count on the dependability of our aircraft for a comfortable and dependable flight experience.

  • Optimized cargo handling: Our charter aircraft are equipped to handle various cargo requirements, making them suitable for passenger trips or heavy cargo transport.

Explore Western and Northern Canada with Private Plane Charters

You can access a  large variety of Western and Northern Canada destinations when booking a private plane charter with Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. Discover the convenience of direct flights to numerous cities and regions, including:

  • British Columbia: From Kelowna to Prince Rupert, explore the stunning landscapes and vibrant communities of British Columbia.

  • Alberta: Fly to destinations like Lethbridge, Jasper/Hinton, or Grande Cache for business or leisure.

  • Saskatchewan: Access cities like Swift Current and Meadow Lake easily, optimizing your travel time.

  • Northwest Territories: Explore remote locations such as Norman Wells and Fort Smith for unique adventures.

  • Manitoba: From Brandon to Thompson, Manitoba offers diverse destinations for your travel needs.

With Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd.'s direct charter flights, you can unlock the full potential of your travel itinerary, whether it's for business, leisure, or exploration. Experience the freedom of private plane charters in Edmonton and discover the beauty of Western and Northern Canada like never before.

Private Plane Charter vs. Regular Commercial Flights

Choosing between a private plane charter and a scheduled airline flight can be crucial, impacting your travel experience, convenience, and overall journey. Here, we'll highlight the key differences and advantages of opting for a private plane charter with Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd.:

Privacy and comfort:

  • Private plane charter: Enjoy the exclusive use of the entire aircraft, ensuring privacy for confidential conversations, relaxation, or quality time with family and friends. Experience a comfortable and spacious cabin designed to meet your specific needs.

  • Scheduled flights: Airlines sell individual seats, whereas, with a charter, you are buying the service of the entire aircraft.  The people around you on the flight are people you choose to fly with, so you are not sharing the aircraft with strangers.

Scheduling and flexibility:

  • Private plane charter: Choose departure and arrival times that align with your schedule. Private charters operate on your terms, allowing for flexibility and convenience.

  • Scheduled Flights: Commercial airlines follow fixed schedules, and passengers must adapt to predetermined flight times, which may not always be convenient.

Direct routes:

  • Private plane charter: Routing for charter flights is designed for the maximum benefit to you, the traveller.   Enjoy the convenience of direct routes to your destination, minimizing travel time and layovers. Private charters can access remote locations that commercial airlines may not serve.

  • Scheduled Flights: Routing for a scheduled flight is designed for maximum benefit to the airline.  This can mean layovers and connecting flights, extending travel time and adding complexity to your journey.

Airport experience:

  • Private plane charter: Experience a hassle-free airport experience. Checking in for your flight is a quick and efficient process. Showing up 30 minutes, or even less, before your preferred departure time will get you off the ground on time.  Running late – no worries!  The aircraft will wait until you arrive!

  • Scheduled flights: Long check-in line-ups, with extensive security checks and time-consuming boarding procedures, mean you need to be at the airport hours before your scheduled departure. And if you are running late, forget that flight!

Personalized service:

  • Private plane charter: Receive personalized service from a dedicated crew, catering to your specific needs and preferences throughout the flight.

  • Scheduled flights: Commercial airlines provide service to multiple passengers, making personalized attention challenging.

Access to remote locations:

  • Private plane charter: Private charters can access remote and off-the-beaten-path destinations, providing unparalleled access for adventure seekers and business travellers.

  • Scheduled flights: Commercial airlines usually only serve major airports and cities, limiting access to remote or less-travelled areas.

Cargo handling:

  • Private plane charter: Private charters can accommodate various cargo options. Taking sports equipment, business materials, or unusual work gear is no problem.  Or the aircraft can be converted to cargo only, allowing the capability for freight flights

  • Scheduled flights: Scheduled flights prioritize passenger luggage, limiting options for specialized cargo transport.

When considering your travel options, weigh the advantages of a private plane charter for a personalized, efficient, and stress-free journey. Contact Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. to explore the benefits of private charters and elevate your travel experience.

Where Do You Want to Go?

Our aircraft can be in the air non-stop for about three hours before needing to refuel. That allows us to provide you with direct, charter flights to a variety of locations throughout Western and Northern Canada.


Here are some of the many locations we travel to within Canada:

British Columbia







Williams Lake

Fort Nelson


Campbell River

Fort St. John

Prince Rupert




Port Hardy





Medicine Hat


Grande Cache



Fort Chipewyan

Peace River

High Level

Cold Lake

Fort McMurray


La Ronge

Swift Current

Stony Rapids

Price Albert

Moose Jaw

Meadow Lake



Northwest Territories

Fort Liard

Norman Wells

Fort Smith

Lutselk’e (formally Snowdrift)

Dawson City

Hay River

Fort Simpson

Fort Resolution



Swan River


The Pas


All of our flights are direct from Edmonton, so you won’t waste a minute of your valuable time with layovers. You can travel to your destination within two hours of confirming your flight.

Booking is easy

To learn more about booking a direct flight from Edmonton, give us a call at 780-890-7780 or toll-free at 1-800-724-7261.


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