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Trusted Executive Charter Flights in Edmonton and Calgary

Are you tired of standing in queue for lengthy security checks and arriving at the airport hours early to catch a commercial flight? Commercial flights have a tedious and time-consuming boarding process that leaves you drained and wastes much of your precious time. On the other hand, renting a charter aircraft can save you and your team from unwanted hassle while also being a more economical option.

Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. offers safe and secure executive charter flights in Edmonton. We work according to your schedule, so you don’t have to rush to catch a flight. All you have to do is provide us with the day, time, and location that’s convenient for you, and our aircraft will be ready to go when you are. We strive to provide luxurious, relaxed, and swift charter flights. Reach out to us to learn more about our services.

Corporate Group and Business Charter Flights from Edmonton

Are you going on a business trip with your team and need a peaceful and productive environment in the aircraft? Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. presents you with different executive charter flights in Edmonton for your business trip. We assist you in choosing a charter aircraft that fulfils your requirements and accommodates your team comfortably.

Depending on the size of your group, you just need to arrive 15-20 minutes before departure and walk a few steps from our private facility to your aircraft. Commercial flights require you to spend about 3 hours for the boarding process, only to receive an average flying experience. On the other hand, our customer-friendly services allow you to board our comfortable aircraft by just passing a simple and quick I.D. check.

Our Beechcraft 1900D is the perfect solution for a larger corporate group that needs to charter a flight from Edmonton or Calgary. It offers comfortable leather seating for up to 19 passengers, plenty of stand-up room, and a pressurized cabin. It’s the aircraft to select when you need to fly farther and faster.

Contact us today for a premium charter flight experience, and do not forget to check out our blog for more information regarding charter flights.

Edmonton Executive Charter Flights

Flying with Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. means you get the comfort of flying first-class, but with a whole new level of privacy, personalized service, and convenience. Many executives charter our Beechcraft King Air 100 because they need to be able to conduct meetings while in the air. There is no wasted time when you book a private charter because there are no strangers to overhear or disrupt your conversation. Our aircraft can be ready to depart in as little as one hour once we’ve confirmed your flight, making a business charter flight in Edmonton the perfect solution for emergency or last-minute travel needs.

Have questions about our charter flights? We’ve tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we will be happy to take it up personally.

Fly Anywhere with Airco Charter Flights

Executives and corporate groups in gas, oil, and other mining industries often need to take business charter flights from Calgary or Edmonton to extremely remote locations. Our twin-engine, all-weather charter aircraft can safely take you directly to anywhere in Canada or the continental United States, where there is an airport with just about any kind of landing strip – whether it’s turf, gravel, or pavement. Thanks to our central location, we can fly direct to many destinations within Western and Northern Canada, including, but not limited to, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and many areas in the Northwest Territories.

Request a Business Charter Flight Quote

Our private facilities are conveniently located at Edmonton International Airport. To learn more about our available business charter flights in Calgary and Edmonton, give us a call at 780-890-7780 or toll-free at 1-800-724-7261 . We look forward to serving you.

Need an Executive Charter Flight in Edmonton?

 Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. offers reliable charter aircraft for a fantastic flying experience.

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