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Hangar Space Available from our Aircraft Charter Company in Edmonton

What are your aircraft storage needs according to space and rates? As an aircraft charter company serving Edmonton and Calgary, Airco Aircraft Charters is able to offer hangarage for overnight parking or on a longer term basis, with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rates available. Our rates are negotiable based on individual requirements.

Talk to Airco about the reasonable cost, convenience and security of hangar storage for your aircraft. Your hangar space will be close to our aircraft maintenance services, and our focus on safety offers assurance that your aircraft is in good hands. Our comprehensive safety program covers not only flight safety but enforces proper procedures on the ground as well. We take all necessary steps to prevent damage to your equipment and property.

Please contact us for details concerning your hangar space and rates for your specific aircraft.

What You Should Consider when Leasing Hangar Space

When you call Airco about hangar space, having basic information ready will make choosing a rental plan quicker and easier. Consider these questions in clarifying your needs:

  • What type and size of aircraft are you storing?
  • Are you leaving your aircraft for one night or longer?
  • What length of contract are you interested in?

The Benefits of Hangar Storage over Aircraft Tie-Downs

Outdoor tie-down areas may offer you discounted long-term rental, but consider some of the drawbacks, especially during often brutal Edmonton winters and stormy summers:

  • Some tie-down stalls have electrical power but many don’t
  • You may be responsible for snow removal and grass mowing near your aircraft
  • You may have to supply your own concrete block wheel pads on grass tie-downs
  • You have to keep your aircraft tied securely at all times with approved anchor systems
  • You have to ensure any aircraft covers are maintained and secured
  • You have to keep your stall free of litter and loose objects
  • You run the risk of weather and foreign object damage (FOD) to your aircraft
  • Items left in your aircraft could be stolen and your aircraft damaged

Adding up the cost of risks, insurance, equipment and maintenance, your tie-down may not be that much of a bargain. Call Airco Aircraft Charters for a comparison price on our secure hangar storage for your aircraft.

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