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Learn More about Charter Flights in Alberta

For more than 30 years, Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. has been a leader in affordable, safety-focused charter air travel for business and pleasure. Whether you're travelling to or from Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray or anywhere else in North America, Airco is the top choice for top flights. Our team has compiled some of the most frequently asked questions below. Get in touch today to speak to our team about your specific air travel plans.


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Are last-minute bookings more expensive that advance-notice flights?

Last-minute bookings do not affect the charter rate. If you book three months in advance or if you book the day before, the charter rate remains the same.

Does Airco have a frequent flyer program?

Airco does not have a formal frequent flyer program. However, we do accept Visa and American Express with Air Miles and Aeroplan affiliations.

How much advance notice is required for a charter?

With as little as two hours advanced notice, Airco can have an aircraft ready for take-off. Aircraft charters are based on aircraft availability. To ensure availability, booking one week in advance is suggested.

Isn't chartering an aircraft expensive?

No, chartering is not expensive. Depending on the number of people and the routing, an aircraft charter can be less expensive than flying on schedule services. It is always best to call and inquire about your group’s specific needs and compare cost and convenience. Since charters fly directly to locations you request at times set by you, often hotel and car rental costs can be eliminated.

What are the luggage limitations?

Baggage limitations depend on the aircraft being chartered and the number of people on the flight. When you book an aircraft, please ask the dispatcher what limitations apply to that aircraft. Airco does ask that all passengers bring small, soft luggage that is easy to pack. Three small bags pack much easier than one large piece.

What is a hot shot?

hot shot is a last-minute cargo delivery. If you require a part, package, or any other item to be delivered in a timely manner, a cargo hot shot is what you are looking for. An aircraft can be ready to depart in two hours or less.

Read more about our hot shot service capabilities here.

What is an aircraft charter?

An aircraft charter is a convenient and cost-effective way to fly. You hire an entire aircraft and flight crew to fly a route chosen by you at times designated by you. We fly directly to where you want to go, when you want to go. Since there are no set schedules, you can arrange your air travel around your activities at your chosen destination(s). There’s no worrying about missing your flight when meetings or activities run late and no waiting to depart when meetings or activities wrap up early.

What kind of services does Airco offer?

Airco offers safe, convenient, and hassle-free air services. Some examples include business, government and executive services air travel, sports groups (including fly-in fishing, hunting groups, golfing excursions and ski trips), fly-in crew changes and cargo hot shots. When you inquire about a charter, do not hesitate to ask about ground transportation and hotel reservations as well. From the minute you arrive to after you return, we are at your service.

What loads and cargo dimensions are Airco's aircraft capable of carrying?

Aircraft loads and part dimensions require very specific information. Loads can be adjusted depending on the distance of the charter. Dimensions depend on the weight of the part. With the great variety of aircraft we operate, Airco can accommodate a wide range of goods. Airco is an authorized dangerous goods carrier. It is best to call our flight dispatcher and discuss you company's requirements.

When should I arrive at the airport?

Fifteen minutes prior to departure is a good guideline for arriving at the airport for a chartered flight. However, since you chartered the aircraft, there is no risk of missing your flight! Since you know all the people on the aircraft with you, there are no security checks and no line-ups! If you and everyone in your party arrive early, the flight departs early. If you or anyone in your party runs into some unforeseen delay, the aircraft will not depart until you, the customer, instructs the flight crew to leave. A courtesy call to our main office line is all we ask of delayed passengers.

Where does Airco fly from?

Airco can fly from most airports throughout North America. We can provide charter services from the Edmonton International Airport, the Red Deer Airport, the Calgary International Airport and many other locations. It is best to call one of our flight coordinators and discuss your individual needs before making a decision.

Where does Airco fly to?

Airco can fly into most airports throughout North America. We require an airstrip to be 3,000 feet or longer. Gravel, grass or dirt airstrips have certain limitations but can still be accessible. If you are considering a charter to a remote or less well-known airport, it is best to call one of our flight dispatchers to discuss your individual needs before making a decision.

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