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Charter Flights for Travel Agencies

More and more travellers are recognizing the benefits of chartered flights . A chartered flight is often more affordable than commercial ones, giving travellers an alternative to fit their budget. Not to mention that unlike commercial flights, charter flights have more flexibility in their fare charges. Charter flights are also typically direct flights, making them much less of a hassle than commercial flights where travellers may have to switch from one plane to another during their travel.

At Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd., we work with all travel agents in Alberta to provide your clients with dependable and timely chartered flights. We can provide air transportation from Edmonton International Airport to major airports including Red Deer Airport and Calgary International Airport as well as to remote locations. This helps your clients save time and money. Whether you’re booking individuals for vacation travel or corporate clients for business, Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. can customize our chartered flight packages to fit your needs.

Travelling for Business? Travel Agents in Edmonton Can Rely on Our Chartered Flights

Chartered flights offer individuals a lot of benefits, but they are especially advantageous for businesses. Chartered flights are direct flights, allowing business travellers to adhere to deadlines and accommodate busy work schedules. A chartered flight is also a private one. You can always book a flight for just your business group, enhancing both security and privacy. This is great for businesses that may have confidential information to discuss with colleagues or clients. Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. can help travel agents in Edmonton book flights for their business clients as well as work with businesses with no in-house travel agent or third party agents. We know that price is not the only deciding factor in choosing a charter company – you can rest assured we will work with you through the details so that your client is happy.

Talk to Our Flight Coordinators About Our Charter Flights

Whether your clients are individuals or business groups, Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. recognizes that travel plans aren’t a one-size-fits-all affair. If the airport has a long enough airstrip, we can land there, making our flights more flexible to just about any business traveller. Furthermore, we can fly to most major airports throughout North America compared to scheduled airlines. To ensure your clients get the kind of service they need, talk to one of our flight coordinators before making any decisions. We can discuss our programs for travel agents in Edmonton and throughout Alberta. Contact Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. today.

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