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What Does It Mean to Fly First Class?

Once you have flown first class, it’s hard to go back to coach. Airlines pamper first-class passengers by letting them board first and choose from a wider variety of menu options, and by providing multiple flight attendants to serve their needs. But the freedom first-class passengers feel on these airlines is an illusion. First-class passengers have limits to what they can do.

The true first class doesn’t come on a scheduled flight; the true first class comes on a chartered flight.

From your arrival at the airport until your wheels touch down at your destination, the service provided on an Airco Aircraft Charters flight is above and beyond that offered in any scheduled first-class flight.

Avoid the Problems at Airports

Regardless of where you sit on the plane, all scheduled flights have the same problems: they serve the masses. Everyone has had a bad experience flying on a commercially scheduled flight. Before you even board the plane, you have to jump through a series of hoops.

You show up hours before your scheduled flight just to wait in long check-in lines. Once you check in and bid your bag adieu, you’re herded into the security line. You remove your keys, shoes, and any liquids over 100 ml from your carry-on bag just to experience invasive x-rays and pat-downs. If everything is in order, you can put your shoes back on and move on to your gate.

If you’re lucky, and the weather is perfect across the nation, your plane may arrive on time. If not, you can enjoy overpriced food and souvenirs in your terminal while you wait.

With commercial charter flights, you can forget all the troubles of flying with the big airlines. There is no need to arrive hours before your flight. There is no worry about missing your flight, because the plane won’t leave without you. When you arrive at a regional airport, your plane and pilot are ready and waiting for you.

Fly to More Locations, Faster

Commercial airliners fly to popular airports to make their services available to the most people. But there are many smaller, regional airports in operation that major airlines do not use, for a variety of reasons including the size of the airport or the size of the surrounding community. Commerical Charter flights will operate out of these airports – all you have to do is ask. This means charters fly direct to more destinations and have a greater flexibility in destination options.

Flying into regional airports benefits the passenger when larger hubs are farther from their final destination or when flights to certain destinations are not as frequent. This is particularly useful when flying to remote destinations.

With all their convenient features, charter flights may cut costs for business executives who need to travel to more than one location in day. These executives can create a flight schedule that works around their needs, hopping from one location to another without having to wait on scheduled airline delays.

Get More than Just Peanuts

It’s no secret that many major airlines have begun to cut back on the meals they serve. While this mostly applies to the coach and business classes, first-class passengers on scheduled flights have also seen cuts when it comes to variety. Most airlines offer meal or snack services only on flights longer than two hours and only during traditional meal times.

The variety of food available will depend on the size of the plane chartered. Some charter planes come equipped with on-board cooking and fully stocked bars. Smaller aircraft are not equipped with such amenities, but with some forethought, the crew can provide the catering you desire.

Work in Privacy

Commercial Charter flights offer more privacy than a normal airline commercial flights. Whether you are flying alone, with business associates, or with your family, you have the freedom to do what you need to without additional distraction. You and your associates can meet on-board to strategize for your next meeting.

There is nothing like the freedom that comes with flying charter. Consider chartering a flight from Airco Aircraft Charters for your next business trip.


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