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What are the weather conditions to cancel a flight from Edmonton?

When you book a flight from Edmonton on a commercial scheduled airline, you are at the mercy of more than just bad weather. You can be bumped from an overbooked flight as the airline tries to make up for cancellations and you have to deal with impatient crowds at the airport terminal. A charter can help you avoid all that.

Takeoff: Should we stay or should we go?

Our guiding principle is passenger safety. We will not fly in unsafe conditions and we are also strictly compliant with Transport Canada regulations regarding safe flight. However, there is a lot of flexibility that we enjoy as a charter airline and that commercial scheduled flights don’t:

  • Destination. If you’ve booked a private charter for yourself or your group, we may still be able to take off even when scheduled flights are cancelled because of bad weather at the destination. That’s because our pilots have the option of filing a flight plan to an alternative airport where the local weather may be better. That kind of last minute change isn’t available to the bigger airlines running direct flights from Edmonton.

  • Aircraft size. When we fly you in to a smaller airport, taxiway snow clearing and de-icing operations typically take less time. There are no long lineups of large commercial passenger jets that require vast amounts of propylene glycol anti-icing, and the taxiways are typically smaller. And on smaller aircraft like ours, winter maintenance, inspections and winter engine pre-heating take less time.

A flexible fleet

With safety and Canada’s diverse climate conditions in mind, we have at our disposal a fleet of aircraft that have different abilities and limitations. Our company representatives can help you choose the one best suited to the conditions at your destination and for the kind of flying we’ll have to do to get you there. But rest assured that we will never attempt to fly any of our aircraft in unsafe weather conditions.

I’m stranded!

When the weather begins to clear, it can take larger commercial airlines many hours, or even days, to return to a normal turnaround schedule. Charter companies like us can begin taking off soon after the conditions start to improve. If your scheduled commercial Edmonton direct flight has been delayed yet again, an affordable private charter can get you moving faster.

Has your charter been cancelled?

We’ll never charge you if your flight gets cancelled last minute due to bad weather conditions. And if you want to delay your flight for a few hours to see if the weather improves, we won’t charge you for that either.

If you’d like to book a charter, or if you’d like to find out if your Edmonton flight is going to be taking off as scheduled, contact us at 1-800-724-7261. We’ll get you where you need to go!


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