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The Benefits of Charter Flights for Group and Business Travel

view from below of an airplane flying overhead

Some people wrongly assume that, thanks to technological advancements which allow for video and conference calling, it is no longer necessary to travel for business or for a project team to come together and meet face-to-face. At Airco Aircraft Charters, we've seen just how important personal connectivity can be for business and group projects. Those who use our executive charter flights from Calgary and Edmonton to meet others in person do so because of the undeniable benefits it provides.

Skype, conference calls, emails, and instant messaging all definitely have their place in the business world. They provide convenient methods of touching base and discussing minor aspects of a project. However, when it comes to getting projects started and to making significant headway as they progress, face-to-face meetings and connectivity will always have a very significant role to play. What electronic communication adds to the mundane, daily aspects of a business, it can also take away from the important work of building relationships and laying project foundations.

Every business, no matter what it does, is still in the people business. Relationships have to be formed and deals have to be made, and personal discussion is the most effective way of making these things happen. Face-to-face discussion helps to drive productive collaboration by securing the attention of all project participants and by building a strong sense that everyone involved is part of a shared mission. Personal discussions can also help reduce the chances of misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

If you've decided that face-to-face meetings are the right way for making sure that an important project progresses smoothly, then you should also consider the benefits of direct charter flights. The comfort, convenience, and privacy of an executive charter flight far exceed even flying first class. With a charter flight, you won't have to deal with typical commercial air travel problems such as unexpected flight cancellations, unexpected delays, and long, stressful lines in crowded terminals.

Looking into charter flights is also a great option for travel agents who book business travel for larger corporations. Booking with a reliable charter company can save travel agents a lot of time and energy, as it allows them to find direct flights to wherever their clients need to go. Charter flights can also be extensively customized to meet client needs.

Whether you are trying to book a flight for business or group travel, or you are a travel agent looking for convenient flights and great deals for your clients, Airco Aircraft Charters has you covered. Our executive charter flights from the Calgary and Edmonton area provide the flexibility needed to successfully coordinate face-to-face group meetings, and we pride ourselves on flight comfort and enjoyability.

If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a flight with us, just contact Airco Aircraft Charters today. Your safe and convenient charter flight can be ready to go when you are.


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