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Stay safe this winter with direct flights from Edmonton

Every winter, the highways around Edmonton become snow covered and lined with dangerous black ice. There are always accidents and yet every year people still brave the roads to get to where they’re going. Why not Travel in safety with a direct flight from Edmonton instead? Keep reading to find out more.

Direct flights from Edmonton safer than the roads

Your business depends on your crew and your equipment. But both need to be able to get to the worksite if you want to get anything done. When everything is covered in ice and snow, traffic grinds to a halt, some roads become impassable and you lose time and money. Avoid winter roadway problems and choose a direct flight from Edmonton for all of your transportation needs.

Travel direct from Edmonton with the Beechcraft 1900D

When you choose a direct flight from Edmonton you avoid the cost of job productivity lost to winter road conditions. The Beechcraft 1900D can fly into even the most remote jobsites quickly and safely.

Speedy and spacious, the 1900D has a stand-up cabin with room for 19 passengers. Reaching speeds of up to 300 mph (482km/h), it’s got a range of 1300 miles (2092km), all-weather capability and a cruising altitude of up to 25 000 feet (7620m). With the 1900D you’ll enjoy a safe and comfortable flight above the turbulence.

If you are just shipping cargo, the Beechcraft 1900D can handle a cargo payload of up to 4000lbs (1818kg). This aircraft has enough space to get both your crew and your cargo safely to the worksite without any of the delays associated with ground transportation.

Direct flights and your safety

We take the safety and security of our passengers very seriously. We perform exhaustive maintenance inspections for every aircraft, in every season. We follow rigorous internal guidelines to ensure that every flight is safe and successful. All of our pilots are trained to fly in bad weather conditions like snow, sleet and hail. We take great pains to maintain the highest safety standards on each and every one of our aircrafts. Rest assured, safety is our number one priority.

Airco Charter offers direct flights from Edmonton

No matter where you are headed, Airco Aircraft Charters can get you there. We offer flights from Edmonton to airports all over North America. If you want to get your crew or your cargo to the job site, don’t risk life and limb driving on icy roads. Fly direct instead. Contact us now to get a quote or to book.


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