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Spring or Summer Charter Destinations – Canada’s Top Spots

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Spring and summer are times for travel. Whether you’re on spring or summer vacation, Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd offers charter flights from Edmonton to destinations throughout Canada and Continental United States so you can take the vacation of your dreams.


What if you’re undecided on your destination? Canada is a vast country with something to offer for everyone. Read on for a few great ideas for your next vacation and get ready to book your charter flights today.


Top Canadian Vacation Destinations

Canada is a vast country, with many great vacation spots from sea to shining sea. There’s no possible way we can cover them all, but we can give you a quick rundown of a few of the most popular ones.


Experience the Thrills of the Calgary Stampede


Join the excitement of the Calgary Stampede, known as "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth." Held annually in Calgary, Alberta, this iconic event celebrates Western culture with thrilling rodeo competitions, chuckwagon races, live music, and more.


Watch as professional rodeo athletes showcase their skills in events like bull riding and barrel racing. Enjoy the vibrant live concerts, and delicious food offerings. The Stampede promises an unforgettable experience for all.

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Vancouver is Waiting for You

Located on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver has a lot to offer you, no matter what you’re a fan of. Whether you want to experience culture, food, or the outdoors, you can find it in this city. Vancouver boasts an array of historic sites, boutiques, and museums, plus a stunning array of great restaurant options.


Nearby mountains mean it is a great choice for skiing, hiking, biking, whitewater rafting, and much more. Vancouver also has been the filming site for many popular shows and movies, including Riverdale, X-Files, and Deadpool. Plus, Vancouver is an exciting city for sports fans, with soccer, football, baseball, and multiple hockey teams that all offer wonderful entertainment.


Explore the Wilderness of Kluane National Park in Whitehorse

Experience the untouched beauty of Kluane National Park, near Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory. This vast wilderness features towering peaks, icy fields, and clear lakes, offering endless adventure opportunities. Traverse hiking trails through pristine forests, spotting diverse wildlife like grizzly bears and bald eagles.


For thrill-seekers, conquer Mount Logan or trek the historic Donjek Route. After a day of exploration, rest under the starry Yukon sky.


Explore the Wilderness of Northern Saskatchewan with Fly-in Fishing

For those seeking a tranquil escape into the heart of nature, Northern Saskatchewan offers an unparalleled fly-in fishing experience. Accessible only by plane, remote fishing lodges nestled amidst pristine lakes and wilderness await avid anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.


Embark on a thrilling adventure as you soar over vast expanses of untouched wilderness, landing at secluded fishing lodges surrounded by crystal-clear waters teeming with trophy fish. Northern Saskatchewan is renowned for its abundance of freshwater fish species, including northern pike, walleye, lake trout, and more.

Cast your line into tranquil lakes and winding rivers, where the serenity of the natural surroundings is only interrupted by the splash of a leaping fish.


This Northern Saskatchewan experience offers more than just exceptional fishing – it provides a rare opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with the natural world in its purest form.


Consider adding a fly-in fishing adventure in Northern Saskatchewan to your list of potential destinations for your next charter flight with Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. 

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Outside Canada

We can also offer charter flights to destinations outside Canada and throughout Continental United States. Just contact us and request a quote and we’ll find you the best deal.


Charter Flights from Edmonton Get You There in Style

These are only a few of the most popular places in Canada. Feel free to explore more on your own and find the destination that calls to you. As always, Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd is the best option to travel to any of these destinations with our chartered flights from Edmonton.  


Contact us today for more information.


















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