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Reasons to Fly and Travel with a Charter Flight in Edmonton

Airco Charters - Car on icy road

Are you taking a business trip or vacation this winter? If you’re planning to travel to or from Edmonton (or other nearby area) maybe you’re thinking you’ll just drive there? Over icy roads, through remote towns and despite the risk of possible snowstorms. You’ll need to get your car checked to make sure all systems are a go. Or rent one. Or maybe it’s time to reconsider driving all together.

30% of all Canadian car accidents occur in the winter

There doesn’t have to be a blizzard raging for it to be dangerous to drive. Even a clear winter day is rife with dangers when you’re behind the wheel. Some of the more common risks of winter driving include:

  • Ice and black ice. Slippery roads are a risk to the safety of you and your passengers. Black ice is particularly insidious because you never see it coming.

  • Decreased visibility. Snow and ice impact your ability to see road conditions and other vehicles. Even if you can see just fine, doesn’t mean the guy behind you does. Reduced visibility is a serious driving hazard.

  • Extreme weather conditions. Snowstorms can strike anytime during the winter months, even when unanticipated.

  • Mechanical failures. A battery dying or an engine failing are never good when you’re on the road. These problems are more likely and potentially more dangerous in the winter.

  • Getting stuck or stranded. A car stuck in a snow bank is a pain but getting stranded due to an accident or mechanical breakdown could be life threatening.

Take to the sky and fly there instead

Charter flights have most of the benefits of driving and none of the risks. You still get to make your own schedule and handpick your fellow passengers. But you’ll get there faster and more importantly; the journey will be much safer. Airco Charters provides people like you charter flights to and from Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and other Alberta and BC locations. We’re a charter airline that can take you anywhere you want to go in North America.

Group flights

Whether it’s for a corporate or private occasion, when there’s a big group involved, charter flights make all kind of sense for your next Calgary or Edmonton meet up. If you drive, you have to take multiple cars, and if you fly commercially, you have to deal with a whole set of other hassles like connecting flights, cramped seating and long waits at the airport. Charter flights allow you and your companions to travel in comfort together, arriving in plenty of time for your business meeting or special event.

A charter airline with experience

For almost thirty years, Airco Charters has provided safe charter flights for travel within North America. Our commitment to providing you with exceptional customer service comes just under our commitment to keeping you safe. All we need is two hours notice to get you in air and headed where you need to go. Call us today for more information or to book a flight.

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