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Patient Transfers and Medical Air Travel in Alberta

Airco Aircraft Charters is pleased to offer to our clients the option of patient transfers or medical air travel for Alberta and across North America. Charter flights are available to meet your diverse medical needs and journeys in a way that is comfortable, affordable and effective.

Our team is here to provide air ambulance transfers where possible to those who need it most.

What do our air ambulances provide?

  • Flexibility: Our supportive team understands the ups and downs of healthcare and illness so we are able to work according to your requirements. Whether there is a delay or you need to leave earlier than planned, we are able to meet your needs and time constraints.

  • Equipment: We are proud to offer a variety of medical equipment on our charter flights to comfortably serve your needs and wants. We offer oxygen systems, LifePort sleds and AC inverters to clients in need of a flawless air ambulance trip.

  • Fly anywhere: Our organization can provide air ambulance services in North America. Whether you are Alberta-based in Edmonton, Calgary or Fort McMurray, we are able to provide local, domestic and international air medical flights. We can bring you where you need to be whether it is a long journey or a quick trip.

  • Dependable: The last thing you need to worry about is a last-minute change or error. We provide aircraft ambulance flights because we understand the need for extensive organization, comprehensive critical care, and outstanding safety measures. Whether you are a new client or a seasoned traveller, we are committed to providing whatever you need during your flight.

  • Experience: Our company has provided aircraft charter flights since 1987. Airco Aircraft Charters has over 25 years of experience that allows us to best fulfill your demands and exceed your expectations.

Whether you need an air ambulance today, tomorrow or in the upcoming weeks, we are here to provide immeasurable safety, comfort and discretion. For more information or to schedule an aircraft charter flight, contact us today!


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