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New Passenger Bill of Rights and the Benefits of Choosing to Fly Charter over Scheduled Air Services

Many people were excited to hear the news that Transportation Minister Marc Garneau is introducing a passenger bill of rights as part of new legislation designed to improve customer service provided by Canada’s major airlines. The bill is a response to several recent reports about the less-than-cordial treatment of some passengers using a variety of schedule air services. However, flying with a major airline may not always be your best option for air travel in Canada and direct flights from Edmonton. Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd., an aircraft charter company, is here to help you make a decision between flying charter and using scheduled air services.

Understanding the New Passenger Bill of Rights

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the passenger bill of rights, which Garneau hopes will be in place by 2018:

  • Airlines won't be able to remove passengers from an oversold flight against their will.

  • Passengers who voluntarily leave an oversold flight will have to receive a minimum level of compensation.

  • Airlines will have to provide compensation for lost or damaged baggage.

  • Airlines won't be able to charge parents extra to sit next to young children.

  • Airlines will need to have a plan for compensating passengers who have been delayed due to circumstances within the airline's control.

Reduce Your Stress by Choosing a Charter Airline

The bill of rights is definitely a step in the right direction for making sure that passengers are treated with more respect when travelling on a scheduled flight, however, while proper compensation for oversold flights, lost baggage, and delays is sorely needed, nothing will change to stop these unfortunate occurrences form happening in the first place. When you fly, for example, you'll be able to expect compensation for lost baggage, but you'll still risk losing your checked-in baggage every time you board an airplane.

You don't have to worry about any of that if you decide to take charter flights with an aircraft charter company instead. No more security delays, no running to catch a connecting flight, no more lost baggage, and no getting bumped from a flight that you paid for in advance. Best of all: the entire aircraft is yours for the duration of the journey you booked.

Charter flights are ideal whether you are going on a family vacation or travelling for work. You'll be able to travel according to your own schedule and you'll arrive at your destination rested and relaxed. If you need to catch up on some work during your flight, then you'll be able to simply pull out your laptop and enjoy a comfortable, private environment that allows you to get everything done.

Garneau's bill of rights is long overdue and will be welcome by travellers flying with the Major Airlines in Canada, but charter flights from Edmonton are still going to be a more convenient way for you to travel. The fact that a passenger bill of rights is needed at all is a testament to the stress you can expect when flying on a scheduled commercial flight. Charter flights with an aircraft charter company, such as Airco Aircraft Charters, already provide all of the benefits spelled out in the passenger bill of rights, and more.

For more information on our direct flight from Edmonton to locations in Canada, just contact Airco Aircraft Charters today.


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