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Luxury Leisure Charter Flights from Calgary or Edmonton, Alberta

Do you want to surprise a loved one with a vacation? How about a unique leisure trip customized for your team or family? Private charter flights can go a long way in making a memorable moment happen.

Air travel can be succinct, luxurious and personal for any person or company whether they are flying for business or pleasure.

Airco Aircraft Charters has a list of suggestions to make air travel memorable, comfortable and amazing for any surprise, celebration or anniversary. Opting for private aircraft charter flights can make any trip lovely, unforgettable and simple.

Trip suggestions

Whether a loved one has never experienced the beauty of flight or if your team deserves a reward for all of their hard work, charter flights can make it happen. Here are a few ideas for any budget, schedule and celebration.

  • Take a tour of the city: If you are looking to honour your love with your partner or provide your family with a unique experience, why not book a luxury flight to tour the city or remote area? This aerial experience allows you to visit hidden treasures that are inaccessible by road, see an entire view of a beautiful city and watch the sunset from an amazing angle.

  • Book a surprise vacation: The beauty of scheduling executive charter flights is that the organization works to fit your schedule and needs. If you are able to book a surprise trip to a unique destination or a place to explore, why not treat your guest to a relaxing, direct flight as well? You can pamper your guest from the start right until the very end.

  • Plan a day trip escape: If you are limited to a single day but want to spoil your friends or business partners, you should consider a day trip. With the flexibility of charter flights, passengers can take a direct flight to unique locations not serviced by regular airline services. This is a great way of getting away and maximizing any journey with style, comfort and speed.

  • A swift air celebration (Champagne Flight): Instead of taking your spouse out for dinner and a movie, why not plan a special evening in the air? This is a great way of building a new memory with someone you care about. Some executive charter flights offer champagne and strawberries to make the trip all the more amazing.

These ideas are not only unique and thoughtful gifts to give to another person, but they are also affordable, efficient and offer a taste of luxury.

To know more about what Airco Aircraft Charters provides in terms of luxury flights and aircraft charters, visit our website. If you are interested in booking a charter flight for yourself or your business, contact us today.


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