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Exploring Fort Chipewyan

Welcome to Fort Chipewyan

Fort Chipewyan is a Northern Alberta hamlet located on the western tip of beautiful Lake Athabasca, one of the largest lakes in western Canada. In the summer, Fort Chipewyan is only accessible by air or water, and only by air or winter roads in the winter. The most hassle-free and convenient way to reach some of Alberta's remote communities is via direct charter flight. For anyone looking to visit Fort Chipewyan by air, Airco Aircraft Charters offers direct charter flights from Edmonton.

Commonly referred to as "Fort Chip," Fort Chipewyan lies about 220 km north of the hamlet of Fort McMurray, within the Wood Buffalo regional municipality. Due to its proximity to Wood Buffalo National Park, Fort Chipewyan is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts who want to experience truly rugged wilderness. Wood Buffalo National Park is a UENSCO Heritage Site home to large, free-roaming herds of bison. With just one direct charter flight from the Edmonton and Calgary area to the Fort Chipewyan Airport, you can be up in the Fort Chipewyan area enjoying all of the sights and all of the history it has to offer.

With around 1,000 residents, Fort Chipewyan is the second largest community in the Wood Buffalo Regional Municipality. Many of the inhabitants are Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, Mikisew Cree First Nation, and Metis, and continue to practice traditional ways of life, including hunting and trapping. You can visit the Fort Chipewyan Bicentennial Museum to learn more about how Aboriginal people in the area used to live.

The museum also features displays detailing the extensive role that Fort Chipewyan played in the fur trade and in the early exploration of Canada. Fort Chipewyan was established as a trading post by the Northwest Trading Company in 1788, making it the oldest European settlement in Alberta. Since that time, Fort Chipewyan has been the home to or a stop along the way for fur traders, explorers, and adventurers of all backgrounds. Today, the area hosts tourist-friendly infrastructure and many new hotels.

Fort Chipewyan is the ideal destination for a remote getaway, with plenty of activities to take part in during the warmer months and during the colder months. On long summer days you can go hiking, fishing, and boating to your heart's content. When the snow blankets the ground and the waterways freeze over, locals and visitors enjoy ice fishing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and dog sledding.

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