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Edmonton charter flights vs. Edmonton commercial flights

Imagine it: after battling your way through a busy terminal, you’re finally resting in your seat. You’re buckling in when the piercing cry of an infant rings out several rows behind you. At the same moment, some careless clod whacks you in the head with his carry-on. You haven’t even left the ground and you’re already counting the minutes till you can get off the aircraft. Don’t you wish there was a better way to travel?

Charter flights are the best flights

When you’re flying out of Edmonton, Calgary or Red Deer, booking charter flights with Airco Charters changes your entire perspective on air travel. You gain an experience that’s safe, comfortable and convenient. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, on your own or in a group, charter flights can make a world of difference to the way you fly.

Five key advantages of charter flights over regular flights

  • On your own schedule. When you fly commercially, you’re at the mercy of the airline. Finding a take-off time that fits into your busy timeline can be a real hassle. Not so when you fly charter. You pick the day and time. And you never have to worry about missing your flight because the aircraft won’t ever take off without you.

  • Private. Even if you’re a real people person, sharing an aircraft with two hundred or more strangers is less than ideal. Charter flights guarantee that you only have to put up with yourself and your selected guests.

  • Direct. Connecting flights are a reality with many commercial routes. This can be especially frustrating when you’re only going a short distance, like from Edmonton to Red Deer. Charter flights are always direct flights.

  • No waiting. When you fly commercially you wait. You wait in line to check your baggage, again to get through security, and once more to board the aircraft. You wait to take off, and then at the end to disembark. With charter flights there are absolutely no delays. You board, we go. End of story.

  • A multitude of possible landing points. Commercial flights are restricted to landing solely in city airports. Charter flights have far more options available, allowing you to arrive much closer to your destination.

When you fly charter…

Imagine it: you park your car and a moment later you’re boarding your flight. Comfortably seated, you lean back in your chair. You happen to be a few minutes early and the pilot asks if you’d like to take off ahead of schedule. You nod and take another sip of your coffee. A few moments later there’s the purring of the aircraft as it takes off. The view is incredible, and you’re mind is at ease knowing you’ll soon safely arrive at your destination. You’re perfectly pleased: what a smart choice it was to book a charter flight with Airco Charters. Be sure to fly with Airco Charters next time you fly? Absolutely!


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