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Do Charter Flight Passengers Go Through Security?

Charter Flights

Remember when you had to waste time on security checks at an airport? It’s an open secret that airport security lanes are inconvenient and time-consuming. The long procedures can even cause you to miss the flights. This is where the importance of charter flights comes into play.

Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. has been providing private aviation services in Edmonton and beyond for over 30 years. Our services range from leisurely champagne flights to business travel or shipping. We are available 24/7, throughout the year and can be departure ready within two hours after verification.

In this blog, our expert staff discusses how you can skip time-consuming security procedures at airports for charter flights.

Why is Skipping Long Security Lines Advantageous to Passengers?

Checkpoints located in airports have many security policies that are to be followed by every passenger. You will have to take off of your shoes and jacket, empty your pockets and remove all devices from your luggage. It’s an inconvenience that requires travellers to arrive several hours before departure time.

Saving Time with Charter Flights

For passengers, especially business travellers, saving time means saving money. All the time that’s wasted by going through security checkpoints and waiting for boarding is significantly reduced for private jets.

This doesn’t mean that flying via private planes is less safe or that there are major compromises. Any private aircraft you charter meets meticulous safety standards and the crew are vetted properly to meet the relevant safety requirements.

Some charter flight terminals do have security screenings. However, they are quick and are in proportion to the number of fliers, meaning you won’t have to wait in long lines.

Charter flights mostly leave from airports that have fixed base operations (FBOs). These offer lounges where travellers can board their flights in comfort. The wait is minimal as there are only a few people waiting for flights in FBOs.

As the bags on the flight are yours and your associates, there is very little chance of your luggage getting mixed with another passenger’s or being sent to the wrong airport. Aircraft captains reserve the right to search all bags brought aboard as they are responsible for the safety of their passengers.

Other Benefits

It’s not just the checkpoints that are bothersome when it comes to commercial airports; it’s also the rules and regulations. Flying on charter flights lets you pack items such as full-sized moisturizers, conditioners and shampoos. You can also wear any kind of shoes you want as you don’t have to worry about removing them for security.

Another advantage is that your jet will never leave without you. This is something that commercial flights will never do for a passenger.

Let Us Help

At Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd., we provide all-weather, twin-engine aircrafts for private aviation. Our flights depart on the time, day and location that are most

suitable for you. We also provide services in aircraft maintenance and aircraft management.

Safety and customer satisfaction have always been our area of focus. You can always count on us, whether it’s for leisure or work.

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