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Differences Between Scheduled & Chartered Flights

Charter Flights

Air travel is preferred by most savvy travellers as it is faster and safer then other modes of travel. There are many services available today because of the  abundance of scheduled and charter flights. But how different are these from each other?

Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. offers charter flight services from Edmonton to Calgary and other destinations. Our fleet of all-weather, twin-engine aircrafts depart on the most appropriate time, day and location for you. Whether it’s for work or leisure, you can always count on us to get the job done right.

What Are Scheduled Flights and Charter Flights?

A scheduled flight means the air carrier sells single seats to individuals until the aircraft is full. A scheduled service operator offers flights on a regular basis be it hourly, daily, or monthly schedules. The departure times are fixed and so is the routing. Flight details are very static and standard.

A charter flight is quite different from a scheduled flight.  A charter flight does not follow a schedule set by the air carrier. The customer sets the schedule to meet their needs. Essentially a charter is when a person or a company rents an entire aircraft for a very particular purpose. The departure times and final destinations are set as per the individual agreement between the hirer and the aircraft company.

In Canada both charter operators and schedule service operators must meet the same safety standards and they must follow the same strict regulations. The only difference between scheduled services and charter services is the personalised service and flexible itinerary.

What Makes Charter Flights Better Than Scheduled Flights?

Personalized Service

With chartered flights you don’t have to worry about losing your seat due to an unexpected overbooking – you pick the aircraft to meet your needs to ensure everyone in your group has a seat. Check-in process is faster with chartered flights because security scanning is not required due to the fact that it is just your group on the flight. The services you and your group receive are tailored to your needs. Want extra food? You just ask for catering services. Want extra leg room? You just ask for an aircraft with an executive interior.  Want particular refreshments?  Just ask for them to be onboard.  It is your flight, your way.

Total Privacy

Choosing to take a chartered flight means air travel where you don’t have to worry about strangers listening in on your private conversations.  A chartered flight is where you can prep for business meetings enroute, or, if you prefer, where can get a bit more sleep relaxing among people you know. Taking a charter means you arrive well prepared at your destination - less stress, more control. These are just some of the perks you will notice with the increased privacy of chartering with Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd.

Location Flexibility

Airco provides charter flights in aircraft that are not as large or cumbersome as major scheduled service carriers. The type of aircraft Airco operates can take off and land at airstrips in communities with less complex airports, as well as going into all the major centres the major airlines do. This gives people considerable more flexibility as to where they can travel from and to. No need to land at a central airport and drive to your actual destination – just land where you need to be.

Time Flexibility

Departure times are as set by you, the customer, not by some computer. Departure times for chartered flights can be adjusted, even the day of the flight, as per the needs of the customer. If you wrap things up early then you can leave early. If your event runs over, no worries, the aircraft will not depart without you! And since you are travelling with acquaintances you save time bypassing airport security.


Using a charter service for a business flight is the best way to fly due to the privacy and the flexibility. But chartered flights are not just good business tools chartered flights are also great for recreational purposes. Golf excursions, ski trips and fishing charters are better using a charter services – the flight becomes part of the group excitement. Charters are also good for family gatherings – joyful ones like weddings and somber ones like funerals. Anytime you need a group to travel is a good time to charter. And Airco is not limited to passenger travel.  Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd also provides cargo services for time sensitive

shipments. When you have important cargo that people are relying, be it equipment parts or lobster for a special event, rely on Airco to get it to the right destination quickly.

Price Difference

While a charter flight is more expensive when compared to a scheduled flight, the benefits in terms of flexibility, comfort, timing and privacy ensure that a charter flight is often the best option when you need to arrive at your next destination.

Let Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. Help

Airco has been providing friendly, cost-effective and efficient aviation services in the Edmonton area for the past 32 years. Being centrally located means we have the advantage of offering economical services throughout the province, including places such as Grande Prairie, Red Deer, Fort McMurray and Calgary. We also provide other services including aircraft management and aircraft maintenance.

Customer satisfaction and safety are key areas of focus for Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd.. This dedication to maintaining high standards is just one of the reasons why loyal customers have continued to use Airco’s services for decades. It is also one of the reasons why Airco is listed as a preferred charter operator for several major corporations and government organizations.

Call us to know more about our charter flight services.


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