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Benefits of Charter Flights for Crew Changes

Industries that have employees working in remote communities require an efficient, comfortable, and effective way to perform Crew Changes.  Having employees working in remote communities creates unique logistical issues as well as employment retention issues for corporations. Simplifying travel to and from a remote workplace is essential.

The pandemic prompted many industries to make adjustments to their existing strategies. One of these adjustments was how they performed crew changes. To keep the crew  well rested, companies need an effective way to transport the crew back and forth.

That's where charter flights come in. Customized charter flights are an excellent option for crew changes. Keep reading as we discuss some of the benefits.


Benefits of Charter Flights for Crew Changes: Flexibility

Changes in scheduling are inevitable in any industry. This can lead to difficulty in arranging transportation for crew members to and from locations. One of the main benefits of charter flights is the impressive flexibility compared to other modes of transportation, such as scheduled airline travel or ground travel.

Choosing charter flights is fast and easy. Organizing last-minute flights to remote locations is very straight forward. This makes it easy for companies to pivot in the face of unforeseen changes.

Crew Change Safety

Crew changes in various industries, including oil and gas, mining, and health services pose a risk because crew members are often in remote areas without easy access. Ground travel during the winter months may be hazardous and could add extra time to an employee’s work shift, resulting in employees arriving to work tired. Employees return home with fatigue due to an extended period on the road in less-than-ideal conditions. All of this could result in an employee being burned out.  Scheduled airline flights do not always provide direct routes to and from locations, which also leads to the same risk of fatigue as driving would.

With charter flights,  customers can be assured that their safety is priority. They'll arrive at their destination without issue, and they'll be well rested and ready to get to work when they arrive at their destination. 

Charter Flight Costs

Charter flights tend to have the reputation that they’re expensive or a luxury option. However, people forget to factor in the cost of an employee’s time.  Crew changes using charter flights saves time and takes the stress out of travel to a remote workplace. 

Crew changes using charter flights can also save businesses money in other ways.  Charter flights have a flexible schedule allowing employees to fly directly between locations without hotel stays or layover expenses.

Book a Charter With Airco

Charter flights serve people in all industries.  Executives travelling for meetings, families travelling for pleasure, and remote workers travelling on crew changes.  All can benefit from the comfort and ease of charter flights. Consider charter flights as a solution to safely transport crew members on a flexible schedule, while also doing so affordably.

At Airco Aircraft Charters, we handle everything you could need. Check out our crew change services and give yourself peace of mind. 


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