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Amaze your guests this winter with luxury and leisure in Edmonton

Luxury and Leisure Experience

When you need to make a good impression with the VIPs in your life, knowing how to entertain can make a big difference. But if your big meeting happens to be in Edmonton during the winter months, finding upscale amusements can be a bit of a head scratcher. Here are some ways to astound your visitors with your great taste and creative thinking.

Arrive in style

It all starts with a great first impression. Direct commercial flights to and from Edmonton can be a chore, unless you can turn it around and turn that chore into a moment to cherish. Executive charter flights to and from Edmonton provide just such an opportunity. You can have the Airco Charters pick up your VIPs and fly them into the city in comfort and class. Catering can be organized to elevate the experience even further. And finally, sight seeing tours from the air—with champagne included—can also be arranged before your guests land, giving them a bird’s eye view of Edmonton that’ll be sure to dazzle.

Help your VIPS unwind in Edmonton with a spa experience

A relaxed guest is a happy guest. A massage and hot sauna can be just the ticket to help your visitors unwind. Edmonton has over 20 spas to choose from, and a wealth of talented registered massage therapists throughout the city. It only takes a moment to schedule an appointment, and your guests will undoubtedly thank you.

Hire a limo

After arriving in such grand style, it would be a mistake to have your visitors travel in Edmonton in any other way than the same luxury and leisure they’re now accustomed to. Hiring a limousine to move them around the city will allow you to further impress them with your great taste and thoughtfulness.

Wine and Dine

No business travel experience would be complete without some good old-fashioned wining and dining. Thankfully, Edmonton has a great restaurant scene, with many phenomenal choices. Whether it’s a traditional ribeye and Bordeaux or a polished five-course tasting menu you’re after, Edmonton has just the menu and ambiance for you.

Northern lights

After a good meal and a day of unparalleled luxury, you want to cap it off with something extraordinary. Have your driver guide you and your guests to Elk Island National Park to view the northern lights. Alberta University hosts AuroraWatch, a website that can alert you of ideal times to view the lights.

Send them home with the same luxury and comfort

You want your VIPs final moments in your company to be just as positive as the rest of their time with you. Sending them home with Airco Charters guarantees that they’ll travel home in comfort and leisure. See them safely to the aircraft and wave to them from the ground as they take off. You’re guaranteed to see them again soon. All you need to do is call us to book your flights. The rest unfolds from there.

Travel Home in Luxury and Comfort


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