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About the Aircraft in the Airco Charters Fleet

When you book a charter flight with Airco you get the specialized experience you imagined without having to jump through hoops. Airco Charters will fly you to your destination in aircraft like the following:

Piper Navajo Chieftain

If you are travelling in a small group, or even if you are travelling alone, and want to fly to a location but you just can’t find a schedule that fits yours, this aircraft can deliver exactly what you need. It has seating for up to five passengers with plenty of luggage space in the wings and nose. This aircraft is great for professional or government groups, small crew changes or for a fun family getaway. This aircraft also features:

  • Range: 1290 km (800 mi.)

  • Speed: 340 km/h (210 mph)

  • Cargo door

Beechcraft King Air 100

For a comfortable, flexible flight, depend on the Beechcraft King Air 100. This pressurized, turbine-powered aircraft boasts a stylish leather interior and room for up to nine passengers. Since its pressurization allows you to fly over 6100 m ( 20,000 ft.), you will experience a smooth flight with little to no turbulence. This aircraft works well for executive groups, crew changes, or sporting excursions such as fishing, skiing or golfing. The Beechcraft King Air 100 also offers you the following:

  • Range: 2050 km (1275 mi.)

  • Speed: 410 km/h (255 mph)

Beechcraft 1900D

Larger parties can ride the Beechcraft 1900D in style. This aircraft seats up to 19 people, and it travels much faster than the other aircraft on this list. Its pressurized cabin and all-weather capacity provides the same smooth ride as the Beechcraft King Air 100. This aircraft can carry quite a good load into a mid-length airstrip adding to its divisibility. Perfect for all types of corporate flights, as well as construction, plant or rig crew changes. It is also a great aircraft to take to the west coast for fishing excursions.

You'll also benefit from the following when you ride in this aircraft:

  • Range: 2090 km (1300 mi.)

  • Speed: 482 km/h (300 mph)

  • Stand-up cabin

  • Cargo loads up to 2040 kg (4500 lbs.)

Contact Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd

You can depend on any of the aircraft above to deliver a memorable and comfortable experience. Ride in comfort and luxury as we take you to your destination. Contact Airco Aircraft Charters today to learn which of these aircrafts works best for your needs.


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