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Medical Flights


Medical Air Travel for Patient Transfer in Edmonton

Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. is proud to provide medical patient air transfer in Edmonton. Whether commercial flights are uncomfortable, unsafe, or inconvenient for you due to illness, injury, mobility issues, or any reason, our charter flights from Edmonton are the perfect solution. We can get you safely and comfortably wherever you need to be throughout North America including direct flights to Western and Northern Canada.

If you need medical air travel in Edmonton, find out more about Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. , and contact us today to schedule your next charter flight.

Reasons for Medical Flights

Commercial air travel continues to get more difficult and more inconvenient year by year. With increased security measures and seemingly continuous shrinking cabin space, air travel is quickly becoming a difficult endeavour. With Airco’s medical flights from Edmonton, we can help make air travel easier on you and your family. You may choose medical charter flights in Edmonton if you need:

  • Access to oxygen
  • Basic health monitoring
  • Administration of medication
  • Basic hygiene assistance

If any of these situations apply to you, or you have another health or physical condition that makes commercial air travel difficult and uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to contact Airco today to learn more about our medical air travel from Edmonton.

Benefits of Choosing Airco

Choosing Airco for your medical patient air travel in Edmonton can help alleviate the stress of flying. Our King Air 100 aircraft are equipped with LifePort sleds, AC inverters, oxygen systems as well as vacuum and pressurized air. We stringently maintain our aircraft to ensure they are in pristine, working order and have a long history of excellence in safety .

We can work with your medical providers or coordinate with one of our contract medical providers to ensure a comfortable flight and compassionate care throughout your journey. Whether you need medical flights from Edmonton to travel for a doctor’s visit, to spend time with your family, or anything in between, Airco is here to make your flying experience an enjoyable one.

Contact Airco today for medical flights from Edmonton to any of our destinations throughout Canada and into North America.

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