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Hot Shot Service Shipping Capabilities and Limitations

When you need last-minute shipping, Airco Aircraft Charters is available to serve you with hot shot service from Edmonton or Calgary. Our hot shot delivery is fast and reliable, but we need to set some shipping limitations to meet safety requirements and our aircrafts’ capacity. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about hot shot shipping with Airco Aircraft Charters. Call us to ask our team about your specific cargo and destination.

  • What are some limitations to your Edmonton or Calgary hot shot services?

    The cargo’s dimensions and weight, plus the distance to the destination, are the most important factors and determine which aircraft is the best one for the job. Cargo may need extra paper work, such as Dangerous Goods and/or customs documents, if applicable. For cargo being shipped to the US the customer must set-up a brokerage agent at the port of entry to clear the cargo through customs. Otherwise, Airco can fly cargo to the same places that we fly passengers to.

  • Are there any products you cannot ship?

    We are limited by the size and the weight of the item, or items, and by the distance to the destination. While Airco is a certified Dangerous Goods Carrier there are still several items that are forbidden for air travel. It is best to contact Airco to discuss the type of cargo you are interested in shipping, providing as much detail as possible, to avoid unnecessary disappointment.

  • What is considered a “Dangerous Good” and can it be shipped?

    According to Transport Canada, Dangerous Goods range from industrial chemicals to manufactured goods that can pose a threat to people if not handled safely. Transportation of Dangerous Goods, by air, marine, rail or road, is regulated under Federal Legislation and this legislation establishes the safety requirements for transporting such goods. There is an extensive listing of items that require special packaging, are banned from being shipped in certain quantities, or are banned from being shipped by air altogether. Included on this list are explosive items, corrosive materials or products that compromise air quality if not shipped correctly.

    For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that randomly exploded was put on the Dangerous Goods list as a banned item. Bear spray is banned because if the container accidentally releases the spray while up the air, it could incapacitate the flight crew. Firearms can be carried as long as they are stored properly and bullets are packaged separately from the firearm.

    People working in shipping are aware of Dangerous Goods because it is applicable to transport by truck and rail, as well as hot shot service by air. They also have to take a course in order to ship Dangerous Goods because there is such an extensive list of items.

  • Can passengers be on the same flight as the shipment, or is the hot shot service for packages only?

    It is a charter so it is up to the customer. Cargo flights, just like passenger flights, only occur when they are booked by a customer. Airco does not operate regular designated cargo flights or any type of courier service. Airco only takes cargo for one customer and it is up to the customer whether they send someone with the cargo or not, as long as there is room on board.

  • Are animals allowed on the aircraft?

    Yes, we allow pets on board the aircraft.

  • Are you limited to shipping locations within the 3-hour non-stop flight time?

    No. Airco can certainly take cargo beyond the distance the aircraft flies without a fuel stop. It all depends on the needs of the customer. Airco will disclose any fuel stops required enroute and include this information in any written quotes and time enroute calculations.

    Airco can fly just about anywhere in Canada or the United States. We can fly into very remote areas where there is limited service and ground transport is difficult, as long as there is an airstrip there that meets the aircraft requirements.

  • Will you fly shipments to the USA?

    Yes. US shipments require additional paperwork and a customs broker. US shipments are done on a case-by-case basis.


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