Hot Shot Service

Hot Shot Service from Edmonton or Calgary

What is hot shot service?

It is an immediate or emergency shipping service for when you need something—or someone—delivered to a specific location as quickly as possible.

There is no faster method of getting your shipment from Edmonton or Calgary to where it needs to go than by Airco’s airborne hot shot service. In the air, you don’t have to worry about common issues that plague trucking companies like speed limits, traffic lights and traffic jams. What often takes trucking companies eight hours to deliver takes our pilots just three. Ground transport simply can’t compete with our speed.

Airco’s hot shot service from Edmonton and Calgary can help you avoid costly delays when shipping time-sensitive packages.

Convenience you can count on

With our charter aircraft fleet we can get to just about any airport in Canada and the United States and land as close to the final destination as possible— usually much closer than the commercial scheduled carriers..

We serve emergency or last minute shipping needs for a wide variety of industries. Oil and gas companies from Edmonton and Calgary frequently use our hot shot services to fly parts and/or emergency crews right into their work sites when something unexpectedly breaks down.

Since our aircraft can fly non-stop for up to three hours before needing to refuel, we can fly your shipment from Edmonton or Calgary direct to most airports in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and many other locations.

Hot shot service that is safe and reliable

We operate a fleet of charter aircraft small enough to get just about anywhere you need to go but large enough to carry heavy parts or pieces of machinery. We only fly dependable, safe, all-weather, twin-engine aircraft.

Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. is conveniently located in a private facility at the Edmonton International Airport. Our pilots and aircraft are at the ready 24/7, 365 days a year. Usually within two hours of confirming your flight, we can have your parts, machinery or personnel in the air heading directly to the necessary destination.

Our Piper Navajo Chieftains are perfect for shipping smaller packages, parts or personnel for crew changes. The Chieftains can carry loads up to 1000 Lb depending on the destination and dimensions of the cargo being shipped. Both the Beechcraft King Air 100s and the Beechcraft 1900Ds are pressurized and can cruise at higher altitudes above turbulent weather, . In addition to this the 1900Ds can travel farther, faster and, depending on the destination and dimensions of the cargo, can handle heavy cargo loads of up to 4500 pounds. Plus Airco is a authorized Dangerous Goods Carrier so we can carry a broad variety of items in any of our aircraft.

Emergency and last minute shipping made easy

Whether you need to ship parts, packages or people, our Edmonton and Calgary hot shot services deliver results. Give us a call at 780-890-7780 (or toll-free at 1-800-724-7261) to discuss your shipping and cargo needs, or to book your flight today.