16-Oct-2017 Private Jet Ownership vs. Chartered Flying

If you travel a lot from Edmonton for business or for pleasure, then the many hassles and drawbacks of commercial flying just aren't worth your time, effort, and money. A private flight is always going to be the better choice and you have two main options when it comes to private flying. You can either use a private jet or you can take charter flights from Edmonton with Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd., an aircraft charter company.

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19-Jun-2017 New Passenger Bill of Rights and the Benefits of Choosing to Fly Charter over Scheduled Air Services

Many people were excited to hear the news that Transportation Minister Marc Garneau is introducing a passenger bill of rights as part of new legislation designed to improve customer service provided by Canada’s major airlines. The bill is a response to several recent reports about the less-than-cordial treatment of some passengers using a variety of schedule air services. However, flying with a major airline may not always be your best option for air travel in Canada and direct flights from Edmonton. Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd., an aircraft charter company, is here to help you make a decision between flying charter and using scheduled air services.

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21-Apr-2017 Traveling for Work? The Advantages of Flying Over Driving
When you need to travel for work, it is important to use a convenient and comfortable mode of transport that will get you to your destination quickly and, if need be, allow you to do some work along the way. Direct flights offer all of these benefits and more. Read More»

06-Mar-2017 Exploring Fort Chipewyan

Fort Chipewyan is a Northern Alberta hamlet located on the western tip of beautiful Lake Athabasca, one of the largest lakes in western Canada. In the summer, Fort Chipewyan is only accessible by air or water, and only by air or winter roads in the winter. The most hassle-free and convenient way to reach some of Alberta's remote communities is via direct charter flight. For anyone looking to visit Fort Chipewyan by air, Airco Aircraft Charters offers direct charter flights from Edmonton.

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22-Feb-2017 The Benefits of Charter Flights for Group and Business Travel

Some people wrongly assume that, thanks to technological advancements which allow for video and conference calling, it is no longer necessary to travel for business or for a project team to come together and meet face-to-face. At Airco Aircraft Charters, we've seen just how important personal connectivity can be for business and group projects. Those who use our executive charter flights from Calgary and Edmonton to meet others in person do so because of the undeniable benefits it provides.

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